Contract Vehicles

Empirical is a designated disadvantaged small business by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm. Our customers can sole source under our GSA PSS and MAS schedules, making it easy to acquire the financial management, ERM, audit readiness, strategic planning, and technology support needed in a timely manner.

Empirical teams with small and large companies to offer a broad array of services and solutions, as well as other contract vehicles, to meet our customers’ expanding needs. Our contracts include:

GSA PSS Schedule (Contract # GS23F0059U). SINS include:

  • 520 7/520 7RC Financial & Performance Audits
  • 520 11/520 11RC Accounting
  • 520 12/520 12RC Budgeting
  • 520 13/520 13RC Complementary Financial Management Services
  • 520 21/520 21RC Program Management Services

GSA MAS Schedule (Contract # 47QTCA20D005A); SIN: 132 51 STLOC/RC IT Professional Consulting Services

Under the PSS Schedule, Empirical was awarded a BPA with the Department of Labor for financial management services (Contract # 1605DC-19-A-0022).

Empirical is on RIVA’s team under NOAA Protech IDIQ contract. This vehicle provides Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services in four Domains: Satellite, Fisheries, Oceans, and Weather

Contact us at 301-839-3671 or email our contracts manager for additional information on the best vehicle to meet your needs.