Finance and Analytics Technology Solutions

Finance and Analytics Technology Solutions

Digital transformation and modernization efforts require proper funding

Empirical focuses on designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining financial reporting systems, data analytics and visualization solutions, data warehouses, databases, and other solutions to help agencies improve financial performance, generate accurate and compliant reporting, eliminate manual processes, and gain better insight to make informed decisions.

Digital transformation and modernization efforts are not only technical decisions, but they also require proper funding. Empirical’s team can help CIOs, CFOs, and program officers to demonstrate the risk-to-reward ratio for redesigning or developing new systems and where modernization and automation will have the greatest impact, ensuring outcomes are aligned with agency priorities and program goals. Empirical has the technical skills and financial expertise to support the consolidation and modernization of financial legacy systems with more efficient and powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and systems.

Many legacy systems hold back agency initiatives and processes due to outdated technology, architecture, or functionality. Digital transformation has made it imperative for government leaders to find effective ways to modernize legacy systems and data repositories, as well as automate manual processes. The biggest challenge? Knowing the risk-to-reward ratio before going down the path of acquiring new technologies or developing a custom system, data warehouse, or analytics solution.

Empirical has helped agencies to:

  • Complete financial and accounting transactions in complex financial systems to meet compliance requirements
  • Confirm modernized financial systems have proper internal controls and produce accurate reports
  • Improve staff productivity and data accuracy by eliminating manual processes
  • Design custom financial analytics and dashboard solutions using an agile development approach to produce results quickly and incrementally, enhancing decision-making at all levels in the organization

Empirical can provide the financial knowledge, data acumen, and technical expertise to develop the tools and solutions needed to meet agencies’ needs and move the mission forward. Our solutions include:

  • Data Management:
    • Integrate, cleanse, and normalize data to better leverage for reporting and analytics
    • Migrate financial and reporting data to a cloud-based warehouse and integrate with analytics solutions
  • Analytics & Dashboard Solutions:
    • Implement data analytics and visual dashboard solutions
    • Stand up or enhance the capabilities and value of data analytics shared services
  • Financial Systems and Information Technology:
    • Develop new tools to automate financial and accounting manual processes
    • Complete accounting entries in financial systems
    • Support financial ERP, reporting, and other information technology system modernization programs