Empirical expanding solutions and team to support more complex financial management and finance & analytics technology requirements for Federal customers

Alexandria, VA; June 10, 2021 – Empirical Corporation, formerly Empirical Concepts, a disadvantaged small business Federal contractor, has expanded their technology capabilities and services, and made new strategic hires in the business development and finance areas.

Financial management is at the core of IT modernization and digital transformation efforts, and without effective financial systems and analytics, Government leaders struggle to effectively plan, budget, and manage IT spend, as well as measure performance against goals. Empirical has developed tools and implemented innovative solutions to automate manual processes, improve data and reporting accuracy, and provide leadership with interactive dashboards for decision making. Clients have seen improved financial performance, staff productivity, and operational efficiencies while complying with changing Federal regulatory reporting requirements and reducing material weaknesses.

“Transformation is at the core of our company’s DNA,” said Gary Jones, President and CEO of Empirical. “Our team continually finds new ways for our government customers to operate smarter, faster, and efficiently to achieve transformational and mission success. Our certified team can assist agencies to develop a detailed roadmap to help leaders plan, budget, and execute modernization efforts in data management, analytics, financial ERPs, and other efforts. We can also support agencies to successfully automate manual processes, reduce errors, improve data quality and team productivity, and enhance reporting and analytics capabilities.”

Empirical’s new business development manager, Catherine Straley, brings more than 12 years of experience supporting the financial, data, and IT community at government contractors and corporations to modernize and leverage cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), data analytics, and business intelligence solutions. She has successfully produced sales for leading technology solution providers in the financial, data analytics and BI areas, including Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek, and Visual Mining. Catherine brings her strong executive-level solution-selling expertise, knowledge of the federal government acquisition process, understanding of the challenges federal leaders face, and the ability to present the value of business solutions and services in a manner that aligns with federal leaders’ strategic goals and objectives

Lanie Willis, a certified financial management and accounting expert, recently joined the team as comptroller and will also support Empirical’s contract at the Department of Homeland Security’s US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO).

“We are excited to add such experienced and knowledgeable professionals on the Empirical team,” stated Gary Jones. “With our expanded team and technology capabilities to support finance, data management, and analytics modernization and automation efforts, our company is uniquely positioned to help agencies successfully implement new initiatives that improve financial and program performance and drive transformational success.”

About Empirical

Since 1997, Empirical has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and reliable solutions provider to financial, IT, and program leaders across the Federal Government. We deliver superior outcomes, solve complex challenges, and continually improve results for every customer. We offer best-in-class and comprehensive financial management, accounting, enterprise risk management, reviews, audit support, strategic planning and advisory services, as well as innovative finance and analytics technology solutions. Empirical is a disadvantaged small business and Certified Public Accounting firm.

Our mission is to develop sound strategies, deliver exceptional services, and converge with the power of technologies to enable leaders to improve program performance, make informed decisions, drive transformational change, and achieve mission success. Empirical has supported many agencies, including DHS ICE, DHS USCIS, USDA, FEMA, NOAA, Dept of Labor, Dept of Education, Dept of Commerce, GSA, HHS, Coast Guard, and other agencies.

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