Program Financial and Performance Management

Program Financial and Performance Management

Empirical supports many different types of programs, including mission, financial, IT modernization, and others, offering financial management, analysis, performance reporting, and program management services.

Empirical has successfully supported program offices with the following services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Budget formulation & execution
  • Accounting services
  • Development of direct / indirect cost rates and reimbursement packages
  • Voucher and grant reviews
  • Spend and cost analysis
  • Project and program management
  • Other financial management and analysis activities

Empirical has supported program offices at many agencies, including NOAA, USDA, DHS ICE, DOL, and FEMA.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA), Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) – Restoration Program Success

Overview: NOAA OR&R is responsible for the protection and restoration of the nation’s coastal resources.

Goals: OR&R required a CPA firm’s independent assessment of reimbursement packages and internal reviews. They wanted Empirical’s fresh perspective on tailoring reimbursement packages so OR&R would get reimbursed for restoration costs.

Results: Since 2016, Empirical has certified / re-certified 200+ reimbursement packages, enabling NOAA to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation from the parties responsible in a timely manner.

Download the entire NOAA case study to learn more about how Empirical can support critical mission programs.

Department of Justice – Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Administration Division – Transforming a Voucher Program

Overview: BOP’s Accounting Operations Section (AOS) needed experienced financial support to review and analyze invoices submitted to the Residential Reentry Management Branch (RRMB) and Finance Branch to determine if the financial data pulled from various housing databases was complete and accurate before payment.

Goals: BOP needed assistance improving the current methods for voucher package payment processing, and the right expertise to validate that voucher packages intended for sub-certification were adequate with all the necessary and applicable contractual documentation, as well as properly presented invoices.

Solutions: Working with the prime contractor, a voucher checklist was implemented to provide increased safeguards and levels of accuracy, so the voucher program adhered to AOS’ policy and procedures. With our team’s knowledge of the data structure, financial systems, and program goals, our team developed business process improvements to enhance data accuracy and accelerate the timeliness of voucher payments and reports.

Results: Empirical’s team helped BOP greatly reduce the number of duplicated and rejected voucher submissions, avoid interest payments, prevent backlogs, and produce accurate data and reporting. Furthermore, AOS staff was able to handle the influx of invoices promptly.