Strategic Planning and Advisory

Strategic Planning and Advisory

Empirical supports financial, IT, program, and other leaders with strategic planning and advisory services, including conducting assessments, developing business process improvements and policies, providing insight and analysis, and assisting with other financial, program, and technology challenges. Our team provides executive leadership with complete and accurate data to gain better insight and make solid business decisions that support the planning, programming, execution, and budgeting areas.


Providing the right information to OCFOs, OCIOs, and program office leaders starts with transforming the data that currently resides in silos and legacy systems so it can be accessible and turned into actionable intelligence. Leaders rely on Empirical to provide accurate financial and program data, analytics, dashboards, and presentations, so they can make critical decisions, leverage the data to better plan and budget for future programs and acquisitions, and present their plans to obtain approval.

With Empirical’s expertise in Federal financial management and systems, data management and analytics solution development, and our focus to help companies drive transformational change, our company is positioned to support leadership in the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process, program spend analysis, risk-to-reward / tradeoff analysis, budget forecasting actions, modernization of financial and data systems, and other key areas, helping agencies achieve transformational success and mission goals.