Technology & Automation Solutions

Technology & Automation Solutions

Empirical is leading the way within the public and private sector financial community with technology innovations that drive modernization success and automation efficiencies, enable data driven decisions, optimize budgets, and produce compliant reporting.

Combining our extensive financial management expertise, familiarity with compliance requirements, and technical skills, Empirical can help organizations rapidly develop pilots and implement enterprise solutions that achieve transformational success.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA):
    • Identify manual and repetitive tasks in financial management, accounting, reporting, data management, and analysis areas for automation efficiencies Develop, implement, and maintain bots and tools and help teams to adopt and sustain solutions
  • Modernize Systems:
    • Work with IT and financial organizations to support modernization programs for legacy financial and reporting systems
    • Enhance existing solutions to improve performance
    • Complete accounting entries and generate financial reporting utilizing complex financial enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions
  • Data Management:
    • Develop databases, data warehouses, and reporting solutions to consolidate silos of data and improve accuracy and completeness for reporting and better analysis
    • Integrate, cleanse, and normalize data to produce accurate reports and better analytics
    • Migrate financial and reporting data to the cloud
  • Data Analytics and Dashboards:
    • Develop solutions that provide better insight and actionable intelligence
    • Provide the ability to visualize and explore data for specific departments or functions, or across an entire enterprise

Digital transformation and modernization efforts are not only technical decisions, but they also require proper funding. Empirical’s team can help CIOs, CFOs, and program officers to demonstrate the risk-to-reward ratio for redesigning or developing new systems and where modernization and automation will have the greatest impact, ensuring outcomes are aligned with agency priorities and costs are tied to performance metrics.

Discover how Empirical can help your organization to automate, modernize, and enhance solutions in the financial and analytics areas.